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Peppermint essential oils makes this balm subtly cooling, tea tree essential oil is antibacterial and antiviral, and chamomile is soothing. All together they smell quite nice, too-especially when paired with the herbal/nutty scent of the infused oils.peppermint lip balm Gift Set (7 Pack) by Naturistick. Best All Natural Beeswax Healing Chapstick for Dry, Chapped Lips. With Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, coconut oil.homemade lip balm Diy lip balm homemade skin care Diy Natural Beauty Hacks Diy Beauty Sore Feet Best Lip Balm Diy Lotion Lotion Bars This peppermint foot balm is full of all-natural ingredients that heal, soften and soothe tired and achy feet.DIY beauty. 20 deliciously simple DIY Lip Balm Recipes. You can achieve fuller lips using natural ingredients instead of the tingling balms that can be uncomfortable (and expensive!).. Adding a bit of peppermint oil to this balm gives it a tingly flavor. (via @juleskeim/Free People) 17.Then place all the ingredients into the smaller pot (except the Peppermint Oil – you add this last). Allow those times to melt and blend together. Once beeswax/shea/coconut oil all melt together, remove from heat and then add in your Essential Oils.

This video,, can also be seen at Whipped Peppermint Foot Cream. The addition of peppermint essential oil gives the cream a nice cooling vibe, while tea tree brings a little antifungal power to the party. You can use this basic formula as a hand and body butter as well, just modify the essential oil blend to suit more delicate areas of the body.peppermint bark DIY Lip Balm. Add peppermint bark essential oil blend. Transfer to an easy-to-pour container. Begin filling the lip balm tubes. Work fast so that the mixture does not start to cool and set.. Once product is firmly set, you can add your lids and labels. Store in a cool place.DIY Peppermint Lip Balm for Dry & Cracked Lips written by Monika Peppermint lip balm is really easy to make, it contains only 4 ingredients that can also be used in various other face and body recipes.DIY Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Recipe with Essential Oils smells and tastes like a peppermint patty. But, to make this recipe stand out from all the rest, we used all natural vegan carnauba wax to give it a silky smooth, glossy texture you will love.